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Industrial furnaces. They are two words that hide a world. As manufacturers of industrial furnaces, Tecnofusione wants to share with the public an experience of three generations in the foundry field (realization of moulds, foundry and furnace construction), unveiling some of the most important details for those people that are ... Read More
11 July 2018roberto


In the overview of our industrial holding furnaces for aluminum, dosing furnace is distinguished from other models in many point of view: superior performance, reduced consumption and highest quality of finished product are some of assured advantages by dosing furnaces LIBRA that we produce, assemble and sell in the world. ... Read More
7 June 2018roberto


Having spare parts for industrial and dosing furnaces can be decisive to keep production up and running 365 days a year. In case of breakdowns or malfunctions, the spare parts allow the repairing of industrial furnaces and the most recent dosing furnaces. Tecnofusione knows how the importance for a company ... Read More
24 May 2018roberto


For a correct melting of non-ferrous metals, it is important to use only high quality furnaces able to carry out their work quickly and with results that are live up to expectations. Every minute more in the melting process and each additional step in the management of non-ferrous metals results in ... Read More
24 May 2018roberto
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Among the services offered by Tecnofusione to its customers, the design of industrial furnaces is one of the most requested activities. Thanks to the careful design of state-of-the-art industrial furnaces, we are able to meet the different business needs in sectors such as automotive, manufacturing industries and many others. Taking ... Read More
20 March 2018roberto