The production process is performed in the Tecnofusione plant, under the guidance of our specialised technicians. The production process consists of the following phases:

Phase: Structural Framework

We follow the design and manufacture of the structural framework through to its completion, according to the definitive design agreed upon with the customer.

Phase: First Painting Cycle

When ready, the framework is sent to our PAINTING DEPARTMENT for its first painting cycle using water-based paints to simplify and to optimize the final painting cycle.

Phase: Interior Lining

After this, the framework is sent to our REFRACTORY DEPARTMENT, where:

  • The structure’s interior is lined with a first layer of low-density insulating bricks, calcium silicate panels and ceramic fibres which guarantee an outer temperature of the structure which is just 30°C above the ambient temperature.

  • Our refractory technicians then mount shuttering on the insulating layer which will provide the shape to the tank which will hold the molten aluminium.

  • Subsequently, a layer of Calderys refractory cement is sprayed on; this product is highly repellent to aluminium and offers excellent heat resistance and mechanical strength.

  • The high quality of these products and the lack of sharp corners simplifies slag removal, facilitating cleaning and extending the average life of the furnace.

  • When the cement is cured, the shuttering is removed and the internal walls are painted with a non-stick paint specifically for molten aluminium.

Phase: Installation and Assembley of Mechanical Components

The framework, now with its interior lined and painted, is taken to our Mechanical Department, where our technicians transform it into a fully operational furnace.
In this department, the process is divided into two stages:

  • Installation of all components required for furnace automation

  • Mounting of the Kromschroder gas and air trains, and all temperature measurement components.

Now the furnace is ready to move on to the final steps of the production process.

Phase: Furnace Wiring

When the installation of all mechanical parts has been completed, we proceed to wire up the electrical cabinet on the furnace. At the conclusion of this step the furnace will be fully functional.

Phase: Final Painting Cycle

In this phase the paintwork is retouched and definitively completed.

Phase: Testing

At this point, the furnace can be deemed completely ready for operation, and it is tested in our plant to check that all installed components function correctly.

Phase: Weighing and Packing

After correct operation has been checked and ascertained, the furnace is weighted and packed for transport.